A blog about my interest (obsession) for cemeteries.

About Me

I am a family historian/genealogist and have been researching my family for over 10 years. I found family members through the internet and through distant family as they learned of my interest in our family genealogy.

I have many memories of visiting cemeteries as a child.  My parents always took us to the cemeteries where I would watch them clean the grave and leave new flowers at the graves.  As kids, we would walk around and look at other graves.  Little did I know how this experience would affect me as an adult.  I have great respect for cemeteries and view them as peaceful places and the current physical residence where I can visit my ancestors. 

It is not uncommon for me to stop at unknown and unrelated cemeteries because they look old or unique.  I have taken many pictures of unknown graves for this reason which is also the reason I created this blog.

I am just getting my feet wet as a speaker on cemeteries and still experience the jitters in front of people, but once I start talking about cemeteries and interacting with people, I calm down. 

I doubt I will ever stop looking at cemeteries or for cemeteries -- they are too interesting to just pass by.